1. To familiarise students with the placement policy of college. To provide them with enough information about placement preparation so that their placement process is smooth and successful.

2. To give them a platform to interact with seniors who have experienced placements so that they can learn from their mistakes and also benefit from their suggestions.


1. In this session we will be teaching students how to code competitively and brush up on their core subjects. We will be teaching them how to conduct themselves in interviews and how to perform well in them.

2. We will be conducting Mock technical and HR interviews so that they get an idea of how the real process works.

3. Finally we will have placed students come and share their placement experience. This will be particularly useful for students as they can learn from past mistakes and do well in their upcoming placements.


1. Know about the placement policy in college.

2. Be familiar with competitive coding and core subjects required for placements.

3. Know what the industry expects from them and will know where they stand.