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Placement Prep

Placement Prep Sessions

The purpose of this event is to introduce students to the placement process in college and to provide them with tips to prepare for their placements...Read More



Vivechan is a mock placement event that will be conducted individually for participants from all the branches....Read More

Code Wars

Code Wars

It is a team event, participants should have good problem solving skills and coding skills...
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Android App dev

Android App Dev Competition

The participants must have a good knowledge on Java, XML, Database, Android API...
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The participant must be enthusiastic in learning and playing verbal games. Decrypto is an online event which will be conducted for 3 days.Read More


Tricky geeky event where in executable file is given and you have to write the logic of that code...
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Code Con

Each one of the participants must have zeal to face complex and interesting problems. They must be ready to bend their minds as required... Read More

Math for #ML

The purpose of this event is to provide an insight on the importance of Mathematics in machine learning...
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